A downloadable game for Windows and Android

In space, every decision is the wrong one.

Take command of a starship on a voyage of discovery through space. Attempt to make as many discoveries as possible without losing your crew, destroying your ship, or driving your officers to the point of mutiny.

Every crisis will bring you closer to destruction. How good a captain will you be?

Unfair gameplay!

Your mission will be brought to an untimely end and you will rarely be presented with all the information needed to make an informed decision! Revel in the joy of making the least-bad decision possible!

Android Current version: 0.4

  • Updated UI to be more visually pleasing
  • Fixed glitch in the engineering officer's appearance
  • Updated numerous text layout bugs
  • More crises added

PC Current version: 0.1

  • A frankly horrible port from the original Android version meaning you can now fail in space from the comfort of your desktop.

Install instructions

Android: Download the .apk file to your phone and install it to your device.

PC: Download the zip file, extract to a folder and run the executable - note: the game will not run if the data folder and the .exe file are not in the same folder


CrisisCaptain-0.4.apk 17 MB
CrisisCaptainPC.zip 10 MB